UPDATE (12/15/2015)

I’m not finished with Harry Potter and I know that to most of you major readers won’t think of this as a major accomplishment, but hey! I try.

Last time I had set down the 5th installment, I was on the 7th chapter, page 129. Now, I’m on the 8th chapter, page 149. Yea, I know, lame.

Anyways, at least I’m making progress in this book. I try and pace myself, but sometimes that doesn’t work for me because I get distracted and I forget and I cry because I didn’t get any progress in and it just makes me sad and I just want to cry and I just hate trying to pace myself. Hate it. Completely think it is a waste of time for me.

Anyways (I say…type…anyways a lot.) I really want to get this book done before Christmas, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen. I’ll push myself, get myself to really sit down and read.

Maybe I could really sit down and read when I get out of classes for Christmas break….

I’ll be finished (hopefully) really soon!


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