Preparation For NaNoWriMo (or whenever you want to binge write a book)

If you’ve read my latest post, you will know that I have been writing a book. I was going to write it during November, but…yea…kind of never happened…

Anyways, I’ve watched some YouTube videos until like 9, 10 o’clock last night. I’ve got a pretty good idea on what you’ll need to do NaNoWriMo or just binge writing.

1. Caffeine.

It’ll help you focus and stay up late because that’s what writing does to you…sometimes…

2. Computer/Laptop/Phone

You need something to write on, other than paper.

3. Ideas…

Well, you know what’s what on this one.

4. Candy.

Candy helps. Trust me. And all the other booktubers who have done this a whole lot longer than I have.


YOU NEED THIS! It is just a safety precaution just in case something messes up with your computer.

6. Pens/Pencils/Paper

For those ‘unable to be near my computer/laptop/phone’ days. Jot down ideas.



So, this is it for this post……….Bye!!



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