One by one,

Bit by bit,

Happiness is wit,

And hard to pass,

Reality destroys,

Also is a relief,

From the demons in my head,

Calling my name,

Scratching at my wrists,

I’m a lonely girl,

In a broken world,

I’m a lonely girl,

Coming from a broken home,

I’m the lonely little spirit,

Inside the hollow walls,

I’m those lonely little raindrops,

After a horrible storm,

You once knew my smiles,

My laugh,

My love,

Now you destroyed,


You left me broken,

My heart in pieces,

I’m falling deeper,

I can’t seem to leave,

I cannot climb up,

Nor can I barely breathe,

You left me in a time,

Where I’ll be lonely,



You left me lonely,

For the one who might break your heart worse than it was.




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