Review: Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoniex

Hello my fam! I am back and better than ever. I haven’t been updating lately because, if you’ve heard from my Wattpad (if I announced it) that I am moving. Yes, I have been packing because we are moving. And in between this crazy mess of packing, I finished the 5th book!

I loved it better than I thought I was. Better than the movie, I’ll say. But that’s my opinion. Anyways, things that I didn’t want to happen, happened. Oh my gods, J.K. Rowling, how could you with Sirius?!? Out of everyone, Sirius!? Harry lost a lot and now this? Like, bruh, please don’t.

Okay, my rant is out. I’m done. BYE!!!!!!


By the way, this goes out to anybody who stuck by even though I wasn’t on that much. I luh ya!


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