Those Random Quotes Tho

You’re Just As Sane As I Am.

 -Luna Lovegood

No, He Must Have Known You Would Always Come Back.

-Harry Potter

The Mind Is Not A Book, To Be Opened At Will And Examined At Leisure.

-Serverus Snape


-Serverus Snape

When I’m 80 Years Old And Sitting In My Rocking Chair, I’ll Be Reading Harry Potter. And My Family Will Say ‘After All This Time’ And I Will Say ‘Always.’

-Alan Rickman

People Aren’t Kind. You Aren’t Perfect. They Aren’t Perfect. No One Is, Heart’s Break, You Fall In Love, You Are Alive To Feel, You Are Alive.

-Ashton Irwin

Never Give Up The Fight.

-Ashton Irwin


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