UPDATE 1/5/2016

Hehe, I feel bad. I’ve read more, I just need to finish the book. That’s why I feel bad.

My fingers hurt, like really bad. Thank you Bass. 

Haha, anyways. I have received two books for Christmas, thanks Mum! 


First book: ‘Awake’ by Natasha Preston. 

Second Book: ‘City of Glass’ by Cassandra Clare


My mum would’ve gotten the whole series, but you know how Black Friday can be. Ugh, I wish she could’ve gotten them all because City Of Glass is just sitting on my shelf. Lonely. None of its other companions. 

Okay, I just started talking about City Of Glass like it was human.

I give up.


Anyways, I should be making another YouTube account, and I just need to get stuff for it. Yea, I’m awkward. 

And I should call it ‘Sammie Covers’ or some weird name, I’m not sure yet.



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