Broken Home.

‘Broken Home’:

Mum, understand, please.

Dad had his wildest dreams, his places to be,

But he just dropped out of the fight,

And took flight.

Dad, understand, please,

You’re leaving, tearing, breaking everything,

Understand that you leaving,

Has me blaming me.

Mum, Dad, where is it?

Where is the happy couple?

The couple I had once idolized?

My jovial parents?

Dad, why’d you leave?

There must be a reason to why you’d quit.

Was the battles just too much?

Did you just give up?

Now I understand.

Now I see.

You’ve left, broke up a home.

And pushed your way into another.

Things aren’t the same.

Things aren’t right.

Don’t you see?

I blame myself.

My bad, my fault, my mistake.

Sometimes I wonder, 

Is it better if I dissipate?

Okay, different song, but it fits.


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