Okay, I know that you’ve been waiting and waiting for my finished post from Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix , I’m sorry I’m not done with! Ugh, I’m so ashamed. Can I go and hide now? Can I drown in my embarrassment?

Anyways, I’m writing a book. Yea, I know that I said that I was doing this earlier this month, but hey! I wasn’t proud of it. I think I’m scaring people because of how I want it. Hehe, it actually has those alternate endings (when I finished writing it, and rewrite it.)

So, it’s about this girl who’s now going to college (she’s a freshmen in college.) And, under this anonymous name, someone sends her letters. She doesn’t know who it is, she suspects it is the guy who stands in the background, rarely talking to her.

She ends up making friends with a sophomore (again, in college) who she doesn’t suspect. She has a nagging feeling about both, but keeps the bad feelings towards the mystery – the guy standing in the background.

Oh, guys, I just have a really good feeling about this.


And I’ll tell you about what I’ve read so far. Okay, I’m not telling you about what I’ve read. Okay, I give up explaining.

Harry Potter had found out about the Order and yea, if you read the Harry Potter series, you’d know which part I’m talking about.

So, I love you guys and, trust me, he Harry Potter series is a really difficult series to pass…now I know what everyone was saying. Oh well, people just have to read to find out what others mean.

I know this little girl who’s in the elementary school who is getting the series for Christmas and I looked at her mother and said ‘Those are really hard to get through. I hope she has a high reading comprehension because I do and I’m having a tough time getting through them.’

I don’t know what this little girl’s going to do when she gets them. I wish her luck.

Anyways, guys. Smile bright. Laugh brighter. 😀


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