The Ones Whom Have Fallen

Are you sure you know the story of the ones whom have fallen? The ones whom made mistakes and couldn’t get back up?

Well, these fallen ones aren’t those ‘fallen angels’ your Mum had told you about. They aren’t demons. They’re normal people. Just like you or I. They are just the ones who have fought, and now they cannot fight no more.

These fallen ones have nothing special but the demons on their backs, and the dreariness pulling at their eyes. The eternal sadness that you see every time a smile falls from their face.

These people are just like us, but they seem to use more energy than  most. See how they kind of drag themselves? No motivation. No need, no want to do this.

Ask how they are? ‘I’m Fine’ passes through their lips, never reaching their eyes. Oh, their eyes so dull like the fire behind them has burned out. They don’t shine as bright as they used to. Embers are still ignited, as if waiting for the right amount of love and happiness to ignite again.

See how they shudder when someone passes? Not exactly touching, but people knowing that they’re there. They don’t remember the full contact of a human being. Longing for the touch, but too scared of the pain.

Lastly, do you see how they keep everyone a certain distance away? That’s because they’re scared to let them in, grow attached, them leaving and they end up hurting. No one gets too close. If you do, never let their fears become reality, push those fears from their mind. If you’re going to be the one leaving, don’t try and get close just to see them hurting.

These people aren’t those ones your Mums told you about. They’re depressed. They’re lonely. They’re broken. Keep them loved for they are fragile.


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