Half-Way Point: Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

J.K. Rowling

This was kind of a challenge to get to this point because of my Grandmother being in town. Now, I know a lot of you misunderstand what I mean by my Grandmother being in town. Let me tell you that my Grandmother is a firm believer that Dark Arts, as mentioned in the books, and magic in general is NOT prohibited.

 Anyways, this is the half-way post on Harry Potter and I should be finishing i in the near future. I also plan to binge read the Harry Potter series. Possibly I might reread it. I’m glad that I mentally decided to read this. I mean, it was on my shelf and it was kind of just sitting there and I was like ‘Hey! I need a book to read, Harry Potter’s just sitting there collecting dust on your shelf, READ IT!’

And I’m glad that I listened to my head and not my heart. (Haha, get it? No? Okay, I’ll go.)

Anyways, I really enjoy the Harry Potter series. I also have people telling me that I’m a goddess for reading the first one in 1 day. Or that the last one is the most difficult.

Anyways (I said anyways a lot, didn’t I?) this is my half-way post! 😎😝😀 I’m proud of myself, I feel like I’m making good progress on the series.


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