“Not All Angels Have Wings”

Before I start anything, I just want to say, I am going to start a book (series?) on here. Yay! And if you don’t know, the band above is 5 Seconds Of Summer. In my opinion, one of the best bands ever. I’ll try and get some updated tonight, I don’t know, I’ll try

Not All Angels Have Wings”

Nothing is impossible when you try. Nothing is unreachable unless you give up. She didn’t understand its meaning until she had to face things she never thought she’d have to. 

Everything changed when Eliza faced things she never dreamed, fought wars she didn’t want to fight. She didn’t want the wars, the pains, but she still got them. Eliza hated every second of her life after that. Until someone helps her without realizing it.

There’s the teaser. Okay, so I might post it on another website, and I’ll put a link to it here (maybe) or I’ll just tell you my name on it. Okay, have fun with the teaser. BYE 😀


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