Tips: Writing.

Okay, I’m not famous on writing, and things may be wrong, but I’m just gonna give you tips. 😐

  • Just write

Don’t over-think the topic, or story line, just go with it.

  • Once finished, put it down, relax you brain.

Just because you’ve finished writing your story, doesn’t mean you go off and write another book.

  • Go back and edit. Be your editor (or ask someone else if you would like)

Go back to your story and read it, reread it, re-reread it. Fix mistakes. Take stuff that doesn’t make sense out, add stuff in. Get someone else to do it if you don’t want to, or if you’re not very handy with that.

  • Publish

Like, on Wattpad, or whatever website you use.

These can be used for essays also, if you want, I don’t care.


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